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          ABOUT US

          At Electrician San Diego, you will get the customer service you need to make your home or business safe. You cannot run any of your electric devices without power in the space, but you will also notice that you cannot keep your space safe if you are not using a proper electrician. We offer a great many services, and we pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get your home or business repaired quickly.

          Electrical Repairs

          The repairs that we do in your home or business can range from fixing just one electrical outlet to making sure that the wiring to one particular outlet is fixed properly. We want to make sure that you are safe in your own home, and we will handle each new repair with professionalism and speed.


          The rewiring that we do in the house can help you return your home to safety after a flood or a power surge. We can change the wiring on large appliances that have been damaged, or we can rewire the whole house to make sure you are up to the local building codes. You should remember that rewiring is often necessary if your home is old, and we can bring your home into the 21st Century quickly.

          The Code Inspection

          We can come to your home and do a complete code inspection to see if you are going to be up to the local building codes. This is important if you have done any remodeling in the house, and this inspection might be a way to find out if you will pass an inspection done by the real code enforcer.

          When we come to the house to handle your code inspection, we will offer you a list of issues that we find. We can offer you an estimate to repair the problems, or we can show you what must be done to get your home back into shape. There are times when you have to have other contractors in the house before we can come in and complete the electrical work.

          New Construction

          We also work with people that do new construction. We can wire your brand new home or business to make sure that it is safe and up to date. We work quickly, and we make sure we get done so that other parts of the project can be completed. With these services, we ensure all our customers are happy.